What To Do After Your Campaign Finishes

Your campaign is over, you’ve surpassed your goals and now need to do something with the campaign. Trouble is, cases vary. Sometimes you want to hide a campaign from search results, other times remove it altogether. The circumstances vary — as they should — with the nature of complexity and diversity in fundraising today. So RallyBound made a point to create accessible features that accommodate a variety of use cases.

You may have already noticed them in your admin, but if not, here is a brief overview:


Delist Campaign

Delisting the campaign keeps all its links active, and can be accessed directly, but hides it from search results and from the platform landing page.

End Campaign

This action, which cannot be undone, deactivates the campaign website and campaign admin panel, leaving only reports accessible.

Mark Campaign as “Completed”

This essentially ends the campaign, but leaves an unlinked campaign card visible on the platform landing page. If you’d like to mark a campaign as completed, please contact us.

Relaunch Campaign

This ends an earlier instance of a campaign and launches a new one identical to the first, leaving only previous reports accessible. This is useful in the case of an annual event, for example, when the previous year’s event has ended and the new event is beginning. Please note that you will need to update any campaign details that may have shifted from the preceding year. Veteran fundraisers will have the option to move contacts and uploaded media such as videos across campaigns.


A great option for deployment of an event series based on a single template. Replicate allows Admins to launch multiple campaigns in succession with ease.

When objectives are clearly defined, they have the ability to truly transform products. RallyBound is committed to providing powerful options to clients so that they can capitalize on any opportunity that may arise. These capabilities provide just that: the ability to break through the friction that has historically inhibited the launch of valuable campaigns. 

In conjunction with the “Create New” function, now more than ever, a variety of campaign actions can be taken in minutes rather than days.




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