Mobile apps are a key extension of any fundraising platform

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As smartphone use becomes ever more integrated in daily life – on the go and even at our desks  – mobile apps are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Have you ever been on Instagram’s Web platform? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. Why would you when everything you need from Instagram is in its mobile app? Apps take advantage of built-in smartphone capabilities including the camera, microphone, push notifications, location, and contact list. These tools, which we often take for granted because they are so intuitively part of our mobile experiences, work fluidly with native apps.

As a nonprofit leader, you understand the need for mobile strategies in your fundraising plans, and providing a mobile platform for your supporters to participate in campaigns is a fundamental component of driving more engagement and more donations. It’s essential to find easy ways to communicate effectively with participants of your campaigns. Reaching your constituents through push notifications is a great way to remind your supporters to open up their fundraising app and reach their goals. RallyBound has our own mobile fundraiser platform, called Chorus, that can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

Your supporters join campaigns on your fundraising website, and can stay involved through the app in addition to the Web platform. Participants can check in with teammates to see how their fundraising efforts are going. With mobile-specific data that comes from app usage, your organization can also understand supporters better. Offering your supporters an app that allows them to solicit donations in many ways combines the practicality of a business app while creating the sense of community.





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