NephCure Kidney International supports research and treatment for kidney disease Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), as well as Nephrotic Syndrome.

Rallybound: NephCure previously used Blackbaud as its fundraising platform - what prompted NephCure to search for a new solution?

NephCure: Our main issue was the lack of service we received from Blackbaud. We had some major technical issues that went unresolved for months. Next was the amount of money we were spending for insufficient service.

Rallybound: Once NephCure decided to look for a new solution, what were the most important criteria you were looking for? How important did Salesforce integration figure into your needs?

NephCure: We were looking for a solution that would:
  • Have a great support team - accessible, knowledgeable, helpful.
  • Be a solution that wouldn't break our bank.
  • We had already decided to use Salesforce so that integration was essential as well.
  • Most importantly, be user friendly. If our donors can't use the system, they won't donate.

NephCure has raised over $1.6 million on the Rallybound platform since switching from Blackbaud.

Rallybound: What aspects of Rallybound's solution do you consider the most innovative?

NephCure: Having direct access to support is a major help. Any issues are either resolved within 24 hours or we get updates on progress. Also, we just found out that we can use the same campaign each year and it will automatically close the old campaign and "relaunch" the new one. This is fabulous!

Rallybound: When NephCure switched to the Rallybound platform, what was the response from your stakeholders: fundraisers, donors, staff, etc.?

NephCure: Our staff was excited to have a responsive support team and our Board was thrilled with the reduction in cost... The biggest change we have seen is the decline in complaints about our systems.