Innovative new Rallybound admin interface released

Today we released the first phase of our reimagined administrators’ control panel, which we’re calling New Admin v1. There are three major new functions in this release: Groups; Admin Security Roles; and Admin Profiles and Notifications. However, before we dive into the specifics of this release, which is now live, we want to lay out our long-term vision for administration of our fundraising platform.

Before today, client administrators (let’s call them admins) had needed to manage fundraising campaigns on a one-by-one basis. While it’s true that some of our clients run only a single event annually, for larger organizations – some of which run hundreds of campaigns on our platform – this has never been the most efficient way to manage those campaigns.

Realizing this, we have developed this new interface with an end goal of being able to control settings, see reports, and make universal changes at the organization’s highest level – with the added flexibility to subdivide all of those powerful features in however the admins see fit. While some pieces of that long-term vision are not yet completely built out, the release today is a great stepping stone towards that ultimate goal.


New Admin v1 gives Rallybound clients (on Platform or Enterprise licenses), for the first time, the ability to quickly and effortlessly add any number of campaigns into Groups and then set specific permissions and other settings to those Groups of campaigns. Groups can also have sub-Groups, and different permissions can be set on those sub-Groups as well (or all Groups can offer the same permissions). Only those admins that have permission to see and access a certain Group or sub-Group will be allowed to see those Groups when they log in – all other campaigns for which they do not have permissions for will not show up on their screens.

RallyBound New Admin v1 Groups Function

An example of Groups above and individual Campaigns below

Admin Security Roles

A new set of tools to set different types of permission sets and to identify and enhance admins within an organization’s Rallybound system is also included in this release. This powerful new feature allows for grouping specific permissions into Admin Security Roles such “administrator,” “webmaster,” “analyst,” etc. This allows easy and consistent application of permissions across multiple admins and campaigns. It also provides the ability to add admins to multiple campaigns at once, at a Group or organizational level. Also, admins at both the organizational and Group level can now be organized in a new card-based format.

RallyBound New Admin v1 Admin Card View

An example of how admins are grouped together in a new card-based view

Admin Profile and Notifications

While knowing when things are happening in your campaign – for instance when donations come in – is essential to getting the most out of your fundraisers, no admin wants to be overwhelmed with information. Our new Admin Notifications interface allows admins to choose exactly what information they wish to receive. Admins of Platform and Enterprise clients have the added functionality of breaking down these notifications by individual campaign. Additionally, admins can upload a picture to their Profile, which is then persistent throughout the system.

RallyBound New Admin v1 Admin Notifications

Admins now have more granular control over what notifications they receive

Go here for detailed information on all of the new features of New Admin v1, or feel free to reach out to our support team with questions. If you would like to learn more about how Rallybound’s fundraising suite can help your organization, please contact us here.

Update: Explanation of post-release bugs.



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