New Feature: Manage Administrative Access with Security Privileges

Over the past few weeks, clients have requested the need for specify authority for certain administrators. This gives larger, more dispersed, organizations the ability to control who has access to what in the backend of our software. We are excited to announce our newest feature: Administrative Security. Users will now be able to decide which changes or tasks each admin can complete.

Why Is This Helpful?

Organizations no longer have to worry about who is making changes to specific areas in the middle of a fundraising campaign. Now directors can set certain individuals to have those authorization parameters ahead of time.

This allows segmentation and optimization of campaign deployment, while ensuring that volunteers or unaccustomed admins cannot fiddle with copy, text, reports, etc. during crunch time!

How To Set This Up

While the features is still in beta please contact Team RallyBound ( to define your team’s parameters. In the next few months, we will launch an interface to be used at your convenience, but until then, we’re here to help!

Everything we do is to benefit your mission and make it that much easier, so if you have any suggestions regarding this feature feel free to drop us a line:





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