Non-Profits: Get Lean

On February 10, RallyBound will join Charity Dynamics to host a webinar focused on the future of digital fundraising. The big takeaway: how nonprofit organizations should prepare for success moving forward.

With increased competition for eyeballs and dollars, nonprofits now must adapt to a leaner approach, creating maximum flexibility to innovate and vie for vital funds.

Specifically, the driver of expectations are now at the consumer/supporter level. No longer can the age-old excuses exist as first-class technology has stormed the marketplace at an even more affordable rate. If you aren’t keeping up, you may just be left behind.

Build. Measure. Learn.

With an eye to the future, organizations need to identify how to construct a “Build-Measure-Learn” mentality. To do so, NPO’s must sweepingly purge the bias of inactivity.  Testing constantly, adjusting, and investing with data heavy objectivity should become the norm.  

A push to action will not only improve outcomes on fundraising but overall impact. More importantly, it reduces waste in a variety of areas. Inactivity is a waste. By instituting policies that enable constant evaluation and reevaluation alongside iterations of fundraising strategies, programmatic focuses, etc, problems are handled to the pleasure of supporters, advocates and program participants.

Little by Little

Structural change is something that needs to be addressed in bits. While inefficiencies can be prevalent in many areas, attacking each at once is not the best recipe. First off, go after broad changes that affect multiple touch points. For instance, a CRM shift. Why? Some of the departmental investments specifically in technology will need to sync and talk with your CRM. Thus paying careful attention to all organizational needs, allows each department to sync their databases. Most importantly, this creates a stream of data from one central hub, boosting advancement decisions.

Following, audit individual departments through SWOT analysis or any other audit methodology and finalize your MVP or minimum viable product. Typically geared towards consumer products, within an organizational structure, it relates to investing in short-term with eye towards the future.

Adopting new perspectives on management is never easy, but in a mobile-based world zipping by on real-time communication, nonprofits must commence with real movement towards total market expectations. It is great to be the big player in the small pond, but the small pond now includes more fish, some with considerable augmentation.




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