How Our Nonprofit Art Center Uses Snapchat for Fundraising

Art, and our community (and Snapchat) are on our minds at The Walk In Art Center. We are constantly brainstorming to come up with different and exciting ideas to not only get the word out about all the wonderful events our center has to offer, but also to generate funds to support these programs. Our center is located in a historical building that was once a factory and has been renovated. We are a 501©(3) nonprofit that is constantly working to reach our network of supporters through fundraisers, donations and volunteers.

In the past, our social media outreach has focused on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. However, we have recently been using Snapchat to connect to, and raising funds from, our local upcoming art enthusiasts. Here are three of our most recent Snapchat fundraisers:

Get Snappin and Bidding Art Auction

We realized that most younger users are very busy and can’t devote specific time to coming to our physical art center, especially to donate. So we took the art to them. Studio and local artists generously created original art that they donated to our Get Snappin And Bidding Art Auction. To get the “art” ball rolling, we Snapchatted pictures of the artists creating the originals in their studio with captions such as, “Own an artist’s original and Bid Right Now” with a link to our website. A Story was created as pictures were snapped as the artwork evolved. Supporters not only shared with their network of friends, they also bid on the art while it was being completed! The winning bidder was then invited to the center and was featured on our Snapchat channel.

Send a Kid To Summer Camp…It’s a Snap!


Many of the art programs in our community have been eliminated from schools due to budget cuts. Our “Send a Kid To Summer Camp…It’s a Snap!” idea was to appeal to the heartstrings of the Snapchat community to help someone who couldn’t afford to pay for an art camp. We snapped a photo of a child having fun in a class with the caption, “Thanks to your generosity, you can help send a child to art camp.” Then we asked them to take a selfie with a “thumbs up” meaning they wanted to help. This is a newer ongoing promotion so the results are not final – however, we’ve already raised enough money to send some kids to camp!

Doggone Good! Art By Dogs Snapchat Campaign


Our center recently held a fundraiser that invited the community to bring their dogs to the center to create their own art. Artists and volunteers helped the pups put their paws in paint to create a flower and dog owners donated $5 for each canvas. We used Snapchat as an integral part of our social media campaign to generate attendance to the event. Our supporters not only brought their four-legged pals to the center, they donated, and also snapped their friends who are now followers of our Snapchat account.

This post was written by Susan Williams of The Walk In Art Center of Schuylkill Haven, PA.




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