In honor of – Multiple ways to collect tribute donations

Donations made in honor of someone – tributes – is an emerging way for nonprofits to raise funds online. At Rallybound, we have built a variety of ways for nonprofits to include tribute fundraising into their overall giving campaigns.

Memorial Campaigns

Sample Memorial Campaign

The first option for organizations on a Rallybound Platform or Enterprise license is to create a Memorial Campaign (demo site). This allows nonprofits to build a campaign for supporters to create individual fundraising pages in order to memorialize someone they were close to. We’ve worked with our customers to develop a template and layout that is respectful to fundraisers and donors as well as to the person or persons being paid homage, including the option to give anonymous donations. For example, we have fields available that allow fundraisers to add “Date of Birth” and/or “Date of Passing” when setting up their memorial pages.

These pages have many of the features of other campaign types, providing the fundraiser the tools they need to reach out to friends, family and coworkers to ask for donations in honor of the deceased. Donors can also opt-in to have their donation recur every month.

Tribute Pages

Another option for Rallybound customers is to create a Tribute Page (demo site), which allows an organization to create a single page that can be used to collect donations. A donor on this page can choose a tribute gift type: “in celebration of,” “in honor of,” or “in memory of” someone or something.

One recent feature improvement we’ve added to Tribute Pages are e-cards. When making a donation, donors can choose to send e-cards to someone via email. Nonprofit administrators can upload their own custom designed images for the Tribute Page by using the Rallybound Administrator Portal.

Admin portal e-card setup page

Tribute Donations on Personal Fundraising Pages

Nonprofits also have the option of enabling tribute messages along with donations collected on personal fundraising pages for event-based and DIY campaigns. Enabling this feature can not only increase donations, but also makes the fundraising page even more personal.

Regardless of what type of campaign a nonprofit is looking to run, Rallybound offers a sophisticated way to integrate tribute fundraising into the overall giving strategy. For more information about these and other Rallybound features, please reach out to us to schedule a demo.



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