Online Donations: On the Rise & Only Part of the Story

Over the last few weeks, the RallyBound team has been delving into the 2015 P2P Forum dataset provided by P2P Forum and Plenty.

Doing so has unveiled a few interesting discoveries. Over the next couple weeks, we will present these findings and offer up some insights on their market implications.

In this initial iteration we are focusing on the percentage of gross revenue that was donated online. The criterion for inclusion was organizations presented both 2013 and 2014 online donation data.

What did we find?

Our analysis revealed that in 2014, 45% of all donations were completed via an online portal in comparison 2013 in 40%. This highlights a trend that has been stated countless times and will only continue to influence how fundraising is achieved.

One thing to bear in mind is that this number doesn’t breakout mobile. We will not begin to speculate, but would be baffled if mobile’s portion (more than likely showing significant growth) didn’t play a large role in this occurrence.

But wait…there’s more

Furthermore, analysis unveiled the fact that while some saw growth in their online funds, that didn’t necessarily correlate to overall growth.

A variety of factors can be attributed to this, but it emphasizes a deeper point: Online Donations are rapidly becoming the preference of your supporters, but not the sole catalyst of your revenue growth. That growth must occur in different areas, for instance: move beyond traditional events, incorporate 3rd Party Fundraising, and increase minimum commitments.

The data unearthed simply shines a spotlight on the behavioral trend persisting and enlarging year-over-year. Consumers are accustomed to completing a majority of their tasks online (increasingly mobile) and will not transition back, so focusing on surrounding interactions that fundraisers have with your campaign becomes crucial.

So focus on long-term engagement, meet donors where they are and watch the outcome. It isn’t just about short-term. Great fundraising is about patience, intelligence and risk acceptance. We’re in a transformational period. Best to embrace and enjoy the ride!

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