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Year over year, more and more fundraising revenue comes in via an online portal. Whether it be mobile or tablet or desktop, the numbers are clear: Donors prefer to contribute to their favorite causes ONLINE.

We wanted to highlight some organizations that are underscoring this notion. Below are the 5 nonprofit events whose online fundraising accounted for the majority of their gross revenue and lead the market in 2014.

Why is this significant?:

While the importance of online’s (including mobile and tablet devices) constant growth is almost a stale discussion at this point, optimizing experiences has not yet become commonplace. Marrying our findings with DIY-style events, who are utilizing online portals almost exclusively for impact, the transformation has occurred and we are now in the state of iterating for higher performance.

What can we do?:

Remove any barrier preventing you from pushing a more donor-centric online/mobile experience and RUN towards it! Donors will thank you and more importantly, program beneficiaries will thank you as impact is sure to grow.


Please feel free to download this graphic here:

Data c/o: Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum and Plenty. Analysis by: RallyBound




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