Opportunities Abound for Smaller NPOs in Online Giving


Over the last 12 months, Online Giving has grown at a rate of 8.9%. However, it’s what makes up the rate that is more significant: Small organizations (less than $1m) soared 10.6%, while medium organizations ($1m-$10m) jumped 9.7%.

In comparison to Overall Giving’s growth rate near 2.1%, you begin to recognize the consistent trend for the preceding years: Online Giving is big business and will persist.

Yes, looking years down the line these numbers will narrow, but not in the near future. Too many consumers are still migrating to digital transactions and the charitable sector is not exempt.

What is more apparent is that the ROI calculus held in small organizations needs a refresh. Smaller budgets make large technology investments seem staggering, create analysis paralysis, but this should not be the case. ROI for small organizations in particular will be higher.

Furthermore, if larger organizations which require larger swings in the fundraising pool to make a dent still see 8% growth YOY, the argument that benefits don’t outweigh the costs slowly erodes.

Nobody is going to force an organization to invest time and money into new technology they see no value in. But to overlook the external market factors that reaffirm the shift to online giving risks organizational stability. The time is ripe for transformation. Organizations now deemed “small” have the opportunity to responsibly invest, to creatively deploy new offerings that will be transformational.

Startup culture has proven one thing: nobody’s future is secure. Only those willing to adjust and innovate will succeed. Those within the nonprofit sector that take heed will only benefit.

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