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Many nonprofits that contact us ask us about what type of integrations we allow. In general, we encourage all our clients to bring third-party tools that reduce workflow friction which lead to more efficient fundraising campaigns. Our Salesforce app is the most popular for a number of reasons. Nonprofits searching for an easier way to manage peer-to-peer fundraising data can find our app in the Salesforce App Exchange

The RallyBound Salesforce app makes sure teams, fundraisers and donation data seamlessly passes back to Salesforce.

Our app serves a number of functions.

1. Keeps your social fundraising contacts synced with Salesforce.

2. Eliminates duplicate data entry.

3. Donations and soft-credits are created in Salesforce as soon as they occur.

The integration flow is as follows:

A campaign is created which gathers the members and donations. Once a registration occurs  a contact record is created. Once a general donation is made a contact record for the donor and a donation (opportunity) is added to the contact record.

When a member or team  receives a donation four things happen:

1. a contact record for the donor

2. a donation (opportunity) is added and is associated (hard credit) to the donor

3. a contact record is created for the member – fundraiser, or team captain

4. a soft-credit for the fundraiser contact is added to the donation (opportunity)

In all these cases, before creating a record we look for a match in Salesforce. RallyBound also creates a record in Salesforce and our app store it’s ID on our end and attempt to use it for future donations and soft-credits.

There are other custom leads, stages and roles that can be applied to contacts and donations. These can be set in the RallyBound admin.

RallyBound also integrates with Causeview which provides nonprofits with end–to–end automation of all their Saleforce data.




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