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Individual and team fundraisers are the heart and soul of nonprofit peer to peer fundraising. It’s essential to give them an online experience that they can not only access anywhere, at anytime, but also is a joy to use.


Break Into Orbit

Plateaued and even declining annual fundraising revenue is an unfortunate reality, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Nonprofits can break out of these constraints to realize the true potential of their peer to peer fundraising in order to further their missions.

Get Fundraising Now

Personal & Team Pages

Super user friendly

Quick Setup

Campaigns can start in a matter of days

Eye-catching Design

Colorful imagery & fully mobile responsive


Unlimited campaigns that can be replicated in minutes

Social Media Ready

Supporters can share across networks

Tools that elevate fundraisers towards higher goals

See how some of the world’s most technologically savvy nonprofits motivate their fundraisers to break through to new goals year after year.

"Rallybound is a great product and has stellar customer service! It's the best fundraising platform I've used!"

Jessica Dean

Sierra Club

"It has been and continues to be an amazing experience working with the Rallybound team."

Carlee Atteberry

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

"We are so happy to be using Rallybound!"

Barbara Baugnon

Oregon Humane Society

"Rallybound is very reflective of the technology that people already use, which makes it easy for people to quickly set up a fundraising page, get started and get fundraising."

Kay Butts-Pruett

Young Survival Coalition

Peer to peer fundraising insights

Read up on the latest trends in peer to peer fundraising, mobile innovations, new Rallybound features and fundraising strategies from our partner and consultant network:

Opportunities Abound for Smaller NPOs in Online Giving

Over the last 12 months, Online Giving has grown at a rate of 8.9%. However, it’s what makes up the rate that is more significant: Small organizations (less than $1m) soared 10.6%, while medium organizations ($1m-$10m) jumped 9.7%.In comparison to Overall Giving’s growth rate near 2.1%, you begin to recognize the consistent trend for the…
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