Peer-to-Peer Pro Forum Conference 2017 wrap-up: DIY is where it’s at

Peer-to-Peer Conference

Stephanie Paddock of RallyBound client The Michael J. Fox Foundation speaks at the DIY Summit track.

Every spring, we eagerly look forward to the annual Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference, of which we are a recurring sponsor. At this year’s conference, which was held in Atlanta, much of the focus and buzz was around do-it-yourself (DIY) fundraising, and many of our current clients using this technology attended. Here’s what two attendees from Rallybound had to say about this year’s conference:

Danyelle Williams, Customer Success Manager:

“There were clear trends. Innovative and fun events, such as Light up the Night, were the frontrunners. It appears that individuals are more interested in being involved in activities that are different from the norm. Also, it seems that some larger organizations are losing some of their donations to smaller organizations that may have larger grassroots impacts.”

“Within the DIY Summit track there were two themes: 1) Recruitment: how can organizations get fundraisers involved in DIY programs? The individuals that are already actively fundraising are worried they will lose their donors if they begin another program. Aside from those already involved, how do they get our message out? 2) How do they incorporate major gifts into their DIY programs? I don’t believe the sector has clear answers to these questions today – innovation is needed. For example, what are creative ways organizations can get the message out to new individuals? How do they increase awareness of their strategy? And how do these pieces tie together?”

Debbi Stanley, VP, Sales:

“This meeting used to be named the Run/Walk/Ride conference and kudos to Peer-to-Peer Pro Forum Conference organizer Dave Hessekiel for recognizing a few years ago that times are changing. Fundraisers are interested in doing more of their own thing and less inclined to be hampered by the restrictions placed on them by the organizations they support. In several conversations, event organizers discussed how to reinvent legacy programs or to come up with new programs. Yet the challenges remain the same – how to convert a promise to actual fundraising dollars. The industry standard remains below 25% and increasing this conversion is a problem for all nonprofits – both large and small.”

“In the Proprietary Summit track, there was a lot of discussion on increasing social involvement and truly tracking those mobile users. Amber Livingston from the Susan G. Komen 3-Day team showed some salient examples including using Facebook Live to broadcast an achievement award. A recurring theme throughout this summit was connecting fundraisers to the mission and keeping them connected. Of course, Komen uses the Rallybound mobile app, which gives them another tool to use for increasing this engagement.”





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