Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference 2018 speakers: MMRF’s Jane Hoffmann

We’re continuing our series on Rallybound customers speaking at next week’s Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference in Miami with Jane Hoffmann of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF).

Hoffmann will be speaking on Thursday, March 1, during the 3-5pm time slot in a session entitled, “Quality Over Quantity.” According to the conference program, Hoffmann will discuss, “how [MMRF has] created new, extraordinary experiences for small groups of supporters who raise big bucks.”

Since moving to Rallybound for its fundraising in 2017, MMRF has expanded its online offerings for fundraisers to include endurance events, including its award-winning Moving Mountains campaign. Moving Mountains has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for MMRF’s mission since relaunching on Rallybound. Program participants are invite-only and are some of MMRF’s best fundraisers across their platform. The participants fundraise around trips to some of the world’s most famous mountains and natural features, including Mt. Fuji in Japan, and the Grand Canyon. In fact, a day after the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference 2018, a group of MMRF fundraisers will start a trek near Everest Base Camp:

Please make sure to check out Jane’s talk on the first day of the conference and remember to swing by the Rallybound booth to meet with our team and learn more about how Rallybound can help your organization like we have helped MMRF.



Chad Catacchio


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