How to personalize nonprofit fundraising

As we’ve often said: peer-to-peer fundraising is hard work and requires a firm commitment from supporters. Savvy nonprofits understand this and use tools that not only make the fundraising process easier, but also personalize and reward fundraisers. Technology such as triggers and placeholders help automate personalized messages to fundraisers and keep them motivated throughout the fundraising season.


The use of placeholders allows nonprofits to compose highly personalized emails. When you insert a placeholder, Rallybound’s template system automatically generates emails with the correct information for each specific recipient. The system comes with an expansive list of placeholders that can be used in emails – whether manually sent or set to go out when certain criteria are met (see “triggers” below) – either from the nonprofit to fundraisers and from fundraisers to potential donors (preset by nonprofit admins). In the example below, the nonprofit admin is able to set a number of placeholders to give the fundraiser a templated email to send to potential donors:

Emails with placeholders can be more effective in their calls to action since the sender is sending specifics. Here’s the full list of placeholders available in the Rallybound system.


A “trigger” is an action or set of criteria that is met by a fundraiser that “triggers” a system action, such as sending an email. For example, if a fundraiser has gone through the registration process to create his or her own page, but one week later they have not made any progress on their campaign, this set of criteria could trigger and action. Working with Rallybound to set this up, nonprofits could use this criteria to trigger an email that reminds the user to take the next steps in the fundraising process. These reminders can prompt users to pick up where they left off and can make a significant difference in the fundraiser’s overall performance.

Here are a few other examples of triggers that can be used to personalize the experience through Rallybound:

  • Encourage to register: If a user didn’t register, send an email to a user one day after creating an account
  • Encourage to fundraise: If a user didn’t modify their fundraising page, and didn’t upload their photo, send an email to a user two days after registering
  • Delayed fundraising tips: Send an email to a user four days after registering
  • Encourage to socialize: If a user didn’t send an email or post on social media, and didn’t connect a social media account, send an email to the user one week after registering
  • Another prompt to fundraise: If a fundraiser didn’t receive any donations, send an email to the user two weeks after registering
  • Tenth donation notification: Send an email to a user upon receiving a tenth donation

Here’s a more comprehensive list of possible triggers.

Badges and Gamification

Many nonprofits are tapping into gamification to engage their supporter base and add a little friendly competition into fundraising. Badges give users a sense of accomplishment for reaching certain milestones in their fundraising journey. These badges (Rallybound has standard badges or they can be branded by the nonprofit) appear on the fundraiser’s personal fundraising page, as well as in Rallybound’s mobile apps. Setting up badges for fundraisers is another great use of triggers. A specific criteria can be set to trigger badges in the Rallybound system. Here are a few examples, with many more possible:

  • Reaching $1,000 in fundraising
  • Receiving 25 donations within the first week of registering
  • Signing up as a team captain

When a fundraiser reaches one of these customizable conditions,  they are automatically rewarded with a badge and an email notification can be sent to congratulate them.

For more information on triggers, badges and how nonprofits can better personalize fundraising, please reach out to our team.



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