Prevent Cancer 5k grows by 58%

We’re grateful to all of our clients for giving us a front row seat to impact in action. Each and every cause is vital, powerful and socially enriching. Prevent Cancer Foundation is especially one of those inspiring groups. Prevent Cancer is solely focused on cancer prevention and early detection through research, education, advocacy and community programs. They recently held their annual 5k Walk/Run at the end of September and saw incredible engagement.


With an increase in participants, a galvanized teambase and ever-present board member advocates, it is easy to see how the annual event went from $148,000 to $232,000, excluding additional on-site revenue. Kristen Fagley, Senior Director of Special Events said it best; ““Not only did we surpass our fundraising goal but we were able to do so a week before the actual event! It was exciting as teams continued to bring in donations that last week and push the total raised for Prevent Cancer to over $35,000 beyond our original goal.”


Prevent Cancer had more user-friendly and robust fundraising tools but the success was largely due to their team’s preparation prior to campaign launch. They personify how a fundraising team should approach peer-to-peer campaigns. From formulating emails to defining all event details for possible troubleshooting, they were set up to succeed and we’re glad to have been the platform to facilitate the groundswell.

Congratulations to the team at Prevent Cancer Foundation. We look forward to supporting your future campaigns and are excited to see the life-changing impact of your hard work!  




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