Product Update: St. Paddy’s Day Edition!

As we’ve communicated before, we continually strive to make our product better. We are going to start sending regular product updates to make sure you are aware of new features that will help your fundraising campaigns.

The three new features in this issue are:

1. Donors can now choose to pay processing fee. This is a feature that can be turned on in the admin. Once turned on, a check box is added to the donation form. If a donor checks the box, the donation amount is recalculated based on the percentages the admin has chosen to cover.

2. Notification emails can now be sent to multiple admin users. This helps larger organizations manage campaigns easier. If a whole department needs to know when someone has made a donation, notifications can now be sent to multiple users.

3. Salesforce app Causeview. Hopefully you’ve seen our app in the App Exchange. We mentioned it in a few newsletters. Now RallyBound integrates with Causeviewwhich helps your organization focus on what matters most – advancing your cause. Causeview makes it easy for you to use Salesforce to nurture meaningful relationships, drive engagement and maximize fundraising potential by liberating your organization from manual administrative work.

We also welcome feedback and product requests. The best and easiest way to do this is through our Get Satisfaction board. Your feedback not only helps us stay ahead of the curve but in the end builds a better product that helps you raise more money online.

Finally, RallyBound is instituting a referral program. We will now reward our current clients and partners who help us to spread the good word of RallyBound. We are proud to announce that any current client or partner who introduces RallyBound to a contact that becomes a client will receive $200. Beta products are excluded.

It is great clients that truly makes RallyBound a special place to work. Please let us know how we can support your fundraising efforts.


Team RallyBound




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