Psychology and Technology: The Perfect Mixture for Donor Retention


The main objective of any fundraising campaign is to accumulate the necessary funds for organizational operation. More specifically, the goal is to create meaningful relationships and behaviors that preserve donors year after year. Why? Returning donors raise 2X in comparison to new donors.

Trouble is maintaining donors are a tough task, but methods are emerging to make these efforts less taxing. It is amazing what psychology and technology can accomplish together.

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation

In psychology there are two types of motivations: Intrinsic & Extrinsic. Intrinsic relates to internal rewards, whereas Extrinsic refers to behaviors based on external rewards. It is not hard to discern why intrinsically motivated individuals bode well for organizations versus their extrinsic counterparts.

With reference to peer-to-peer fundraising here is a short primer on where common actions sit categorically:


-Registration Fee
-Discounted Registration Fee
-Focused on Minimum Fundraising Commitment


-Variable Data & Conditionally Released Communications
-Advocacy & Recruitment of Others
-Branded Goods & Social Media Posts
-Overt Volunteerism & Leadership

Conditional Communication: Personalization In RallyBound

Deliberate movement towards intrinsically motivated behaviors is something we advise and develop for simply because of its value in fundraising. The most recent and significant example within the RallyBound ecosystem is the enhancement of our automated marketing with advanced conditional communication options.

Personalization is the shift in org-to-fundraiser communication. It creates a deep connection between the fundraiser and the organizations appreciation for their efforts. Why? All interaction is geared solely towards the recipient, their specifics and particulars. The days of spray & pray are long gone, as is the era of non-segmented blasts. Every supporter is unique, inspired by different aspects and looking to be appreciated on a 1-to-1 basis.

In the RallyBound admin, campaign managers can set specific triggers to deploy based on a variety of actions. From registration to campaign conclusion, admins can craft an experience that is highly personalized cultivating deep engagement. The more individualized, the more likely supporters will advocate & recruit, deploy larger quantities of outreach to their networks and push towards volunteer & leadership roles. These are all intrinsic activities trending towards real advocacy, positioning organizations for future success.

While external rewards are drivers to participation, they only provide short-term attention to your cause. Conditional triggers provide an opening to morph those interested solely in skin-deep association to active members when crafted prudently.

Nonprofits looking to truly leverage technology need to now apply science to their activities. More and more, the art and science of fundraising blur unlocking unprecedented potential. Seize the opportunity; deepen experiences with careful, thoughtful communication and watch your sustainability metric trend up. You deserve it, as do your program beneficiaries! 

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