Quantifying Donor Impact

It is important in any type of communication for your audience to connect with your message. Nonprofits are constantly trying to cut through the noise and recruit more volunteers, fundraisers and donors. When making a specific ask, nonprofits need to quantify the impact their potential supporters will have on the cause. 

For example: Donating $X produces Y.

Drawing a directly line from a donation to its intended result provides a tangible outcome for an individual’s generosity. The success of one-for-one models like TOMS Shoes or Warby Parker can be attributed to that clear payoff an individual has when they support these companies. I buy a pair of shoes, a child in need gets a pair of shoes. 

Some examples from nonprofits clearly communicating impact are:

charity: waterimage

and Feeding America:image

If you are able to specifically quantify how your potential donors will further your cause and mission, they not only have a deeper connection to your organization but are more likely to support it. 

What other nonprofits do you see quantifying donor’s impact? Please let us know on twitter @RallyBound or with the hashtag #donorimpact.




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