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While Rallybound is a software-as-a-service (SaaS), we are not "self-service" - we work directly with each client to customize their own solution. This initial setup work is included in our 3-year license, and can include add-ons such as responsive design and white labeling. Depending on client requirements, nonprofits can have their Rallybound fundraising solution operational within just a few weeks after signing. Although heavily customized solutions can take more time to roll out, Rallybound's designers and product team work to bring the best solution to nonprofits in the shortest time possible.

Scalable solutions

Scalable solutions for nonprofits of any size

Nonprofits often ask us about how "scalable" we are - in other words, what sizes of events or campaigns our fundraising platform can handle, and can our system grow along with a growing campaign? The answer is really simple: the Rallybound platform can handle any type or size of online fundraising, from single, annual events, to a nationwide or even global series of hundreds or thousands of fundraising activities. Go ahead and expand your efforts, we've got you covered.

See how Rallybound helped YSC's Tour de Pink event to expanded to a new region

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