Rallybound part of Apple Pay for charity launch

applepayToday Apple, the maker of the iPhone and iPad, publicly opened up its Apple Pay payment service to be used for charitable donations. Prior to the announcement, Apple invited Rallybound to work on an integration with our fundraising platform and Apple Pay, and we are pleased to announce that Apple Pay – as well as Google’s Android Pay – are available for Rallybound clients. This is a major advancement in the nonprofit fundraising space, and has been a top request from clients for some time, so RallyBound was keen to work with Apple to bring this to the market.

Rallybound payment processor Stripe says that Wish.com ran, “an A/B test to measure the impact on conversion rates for new users who are Apple Pay-ready. Defaulting to Apple Pay yielded [a] 2X higher conversion rate increase.”

Here’s how Apple Pay works: when a potential donor using the Safari browser visits a personal or team fundraising page or a donation page through their iPhone or iPad (or even the new MacBook Pro) they can choose the Apple Pay option to process their donation. The donor then simply uses their fingerprint to confirm the donation and Rallybound sends the data into the Rallybound system as we would for any other online donation, with associated meta-data that let’s the nonprofit know that the donation was made using Apple Pay.

For mobile donations made on an Android phone, donors that visit a fundraising site using Chrome, can use Android Pay. Donations are processed and stored in the Rallybound system as seamlessly as usual, with a notation on how the donation was made.

Of course, if a donor visiting a fundraising page does not have either Apple Pay or Android Pay, then they can as always submit a donation using the accepted payments that the nonprofit has set. Rallybound has plans to add Apple and Android payment support to our native iOS and Android apps in the future.

During this first phase of rolling out this functionality, only Rallybound clients on WePay are eligible. If you are interested in adding Apple Pay and Android Pay, please email our support team today! If you’re not on the Rallybound platform, please reach out to us to learn about this exciting new functionality as well as all of the other ways Rallybound helps nonprofits accelerate fundraising.



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