Rallybound Feature Update

Every client or campaign is unique. We understand that and build features to account and enhance that quality. This post will review two recent features that we have launched in our Admin: Registration Fields and Discount Codes. These features give our users additional controls to customize the fundraising experience.

With the prevalence of data, every organization needs to define the parameters which they wish to collect and analyze for future actions. RallyBound is making that easier with Custom Registration Fields. Now, within your Admin you can choose between multi and single-select check boxes, drop down menu options, text fields, among many others. And on top of this define whether fields are optional or required. You can view this support post to see how to create a custom registration field.

Discount codes work alongside the registration fields as it provides Admins with the authority to create multiple unique codes to discount registration fees. The Admin user has full control of the codes. They can set the quantity of codes, the discount amount, the start and end date as well as requiring the code to be part of multiple registrations. This feature is not available in the Admin and pretty simple to create.




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