Rallybound joins Neon One, a new venture with NeonCRM

Neon One

Everyday we are astounded by the level of sophistication and commitment our nonprofit customers put towards their fundraising. From expanding into a new types of campaigns such as DIY, endurance or tributes, to digging down into custom reports, our customers push the boundaries of how to raise funds to support their missions.

We built our product to match and expand on this innovative streak in our customers, with the belief that a great platform is never great enough. This is why Rallybound pushes new software releases every week, and why we continually add and improve on our integrations with other best-of-breed services – the speed of technology and innovation demands it.

To further accelerate this process, we’re thrilled to announce that we have partnered with NeonCRM under a new enterprise called Neon One.

The new venture comes with significant resources from FTV Capital, a growth investment firm. These resources will allow Rallybound to build new features faster, as well as continue to strengthen our systems architecture and services, such as our recent PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider certification.

We will be hiring new software developers to help us not only improve our current platform and integrations such as Salesforce, but will also create new avenues for nonprofits to use Rallybound, including a native integration with NeonCRM.

Nonprofits professionals, volunteers and fundraisers put everything they have into supporting causes that they believe in, and with this partnership we promise to continue to provide the best possible tools to empower our customers to exceed their goals.

To learn more about this exciting news, please read NeonCRM’s post, our press release, or email our team.



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