Rallybound’s Mailchimp Integration

RallyBound is always on the look out for new services to add to our integrations directory. Today we are excited to announce yet another service that extends our client’s reach with peer-to-peer fundraising: Mailchimp. Email is the most effective way of reaching out to potential donors and supporters. Important and easy-to-use email tools are critical to a nonprofit’s mission and communication channels.

image from Mailchimp.

Our v1 integration does a few simple things: 

1. Automatically, syncs fundraiser and donor campaign data into a Mailchimp list and, optionally, push into groups

2. RallyBound reports can instantly push specific classes of records into a Mailchimp list and, optionally, different groups

3. You can push custom fields as well

RallyBound reports are real time and robust so information filter by a whole host of information. This allows for the most up-to-date and accurate information to be sent to Mailchimp. Common use cases might be campaign managers might want to keep attendees and team captains in a list for future communications post campaign. Or using advanced filtering in the RallyBound reporting tools, push a segment of fundraisers who have raised over their Goal and raised over certain $500 while a member of a team.




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