Rallybound now Integrates with Dropbox!

Oh, Dropbox how you make life so much more organized and collaborative. We use it internally at RallyBound to alleviate clutter and manage vital documents across departments with ease. After conversations with clients specifically regarding report management, we present our latest integration: Dropbox!

Now, simply with the click of a button within the admin integrations tab, you can sync your Dropbox account to your RallyBound instance to manage and store fundraising campaign reports.

As with most integrations, this is still in beta. We’ll be launching a few additions to this feature like advanced scheduling. This offering will enable admins the ability to schedule necessary reports to populate into one centralized location for you to analyze wherever you and your team accesses Dropbox.

We believe that this is another vital component to centralizing all of your fundraising efforts and expanding your impact and anxiously await client adoption.

If you have any questions please connect with support@rallybound.com.

And as always…

Keep Calm and Fundraise On!




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