Rallybound Now Integrates with Salesforce NGO Connect

We strive to provide our clients with the latest and greatest technology not just for their online fundraising efforts, but to centralize all of their collective administrative tasks through effective integrations.

RallyBound was one of the first to be certified as a peer-to-peer fundraising app for nonprofits on Salesforce’s Nonprofit Starter Pack. We were early to be designated as a Salesforce1 Mobile ready app and now excited to announce a beta integration with the newly unveiled: NGO Connect!


Now, more than ever, Salesforce Foundation has cultivated a platform that syncs social, mobile and cloud applications to close feedback loops, mitigate efficiency breakdowns and allow nonprofits to function at an accelerated level.RallyBound clients only need to be an NGO Connect user and connect via our Admin to capitalize on the platform.

Why is this important to YOU?

In conversations with our clients and beyond, the issue of organizational management continues to arise. With NGO Connect, Salesforce users can take all of their disparate apps for marketing, event management, project management, customer management and remove friction from the management loop. More specifically, connected, centralized organizations enable additional fundraising opportunities due to their effective communication; NGO Connect now revs that up with automation capabilities.

How RallyBound Leverages NGO Connect for YOUR Success

The Salesforce1 platform is an incredibly transformative tool for NPO’s. From the ability to nurture donors at a granular level, to automate outreach outside of RallyBound campaigns, to project/program management, the benefits truly exceed the minds comprehension.


NGO connect combines them into an efficient system, which RallyBound believes strengthens every touch point and will provide more engaged supporters for fundraising opportunities inside and outside of RallyBound campaigns.

We’re excited to launch NGO Connect into beta and look forward to supporting our clients as they enhance their administrative tasks through the power of the Salesforce1 platform.





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