Rallybound platform passes 1 million users all-time

Earlier this week, the Rallybound fundraising platform, across all client campaigns, passed 1 million users all-time. This comes as our platform is approaching 4,000 nonprofit fundraising campaigns all-time, across hundreds of separate nonprofits, which have collectively raised tens of millions of dollars on our system.

The one million users is a combination of fundraisers and donors to those nearly 4,000 campaigns that have been powered by Rallybound’s digital fundraising tools. One of the reasons that we’ve been able to reach this milestone is our focus on making donations and registrations as simple and seamless for users as possible. Also worth noting is that many of these users have either been recurring fundraisers and/or donors over the years. Supporting this recurring fundraising activity is another aspect of our system that we’ve worked with clients to perfect.

We look forward to signing up the second million supporters of all of the great causes and missions that we are humbled to do our part to enable.

Photo: Up4TheFight UCLA Dance-a-thon



Chad Catacchio


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