Rallybound Social Fundraising now on NationBuilder

We love announcing new integrations and this latest one is no exception. We recently launched the first phase of our NationBuilder app and integration. In our mission to scour the technological landscape, sourcing viable and productive integrations for our clients, we’ve noticed that there are truly only a few players who comprehend the needs and wants of NPO’s, Social Leaders and their constituents. NationBuilder is one of those.


(demo site)

What makes this integration so special?

Solely based on mindset, the RallyBound app on NationBuilder makes perfect sense. Each company has very similar mission’s and approaches to that mission. 

NationBuilder is a community organizing platform that provides a content management system (CMS) and contact management system (CRM) designed for community organizers to digitally organize their advocacy endeavors. Set on a superior UI and coupled with a fantastic UX, their offerings arm activists and social leaders with the tools they need to grow their mission. Now, the power of RallyBound’s personal fundraising pages can be simply embedded into your nation (demo) and all fundraising data syncs with your NationBuilder database.

By simply copying and pasting our generated software code, your nation transforms into a social fundraising platform, automatically connecting donor and fundraising info into the nation’s CRM for further stewardship.

RallyBound combined with the digital advocacy tools of NationBuilder provides enumerable possibilities. With stellar features already driving socially conscious visitors to your site, the activation process becomes that much more swift and in turn, that much more powerful. You carefully craft advocacy and drive traffic to your site, now its time to allow them ability to raise vital funds and increase impact!





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