Reactivating Donors: Cookies for Kids Cancer and the Birthday Blast

When RallyBound devised the Fundraising Platform tier, the sole purpose was to provide nonprofits with the ability to own a variety of campaigns in one centralized location.

Clients like Cookies for Kids Cancer embody this vision perfectly. For many years, their main source of fundraising came from supporter hosted bake sales and birthday campaigns. Unfortunately, under their old system’s regime, admins had to direct the bulk of the logistics in creating these campaigns.

RallyBound has enabled them to offload this hardship and focus on their mission: raising funds for pediatric cancer research.

In the last few months, their development team has utilized spare time to formulate new ways of activation. One that is producing great results is e-blasting contacts with upcoming birthdays proposing they join the “Be A Good Cookie” movement and donate their birthday.

The beauty of this deployment (below) is that it is properly positioned by design. In the registration process for any fundraising action Cookies asks for your birth date. This is pure actionable data and something all clients should focus on. By understanding future needs, Cookies can capitalize on formerly engaged advocates in a new way.


Cookies has rightfully seen an uptick in fundraising dollars since moving to RallyBound. They have cultivated a laundry list of high caliber partnerships with Nestle and Asics to name a few, enhanced relations with donors, and provided supporters with potent fundraising tools. This initiative is yet another example of how when nonprofits have the right tools and adopt the right mindset, real impact can be made.

Kudos to Cookies for Kids Cancer, it has been an honor to support your efforts and we look forward to further innovation!





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