Recommitment Feature Addresses Modern Fundraising Needs

The ever expanding endurance challenge marketplace is one non-profit pros continue to take careful notice of. From the ability to craft your own or piggy-back an existing event, there are a myriad of possibilities and growing fascination as it combines both an emotional and physical feat with charitable giving. This seems to be a winning formula.

But as these challenges are introduced and transform fundraising strategies, so must the operational side. In one aspect, well-defined here by Katrina VanHuss, non-profits must embrace a new and possibly disconcerting connection to their supporters.

Additionally on the technical side, new tools are needed to take full advantage of the shifting supporter interactions. One of these is recommitment or the ability for Administrators to collect a participant’s registration/fundraising balance post event.

RallyBound has seen the changing tide and now live within an organization’s admin, Administrators will notice a new column within their “Registrants” Tab

This location designates where in the recommitment process any given entrant is situated.

To initiate the process event personnel can click into the specified record…

Or hit “Mass Action” to apply to multiple records.

Administrators will have the capacity to charge a specified or Maximum Amount (Total Registration Fee – Fundraising).

The use of recommitment is not to be taken lightly. Some practitioners feel this practice is in the best interest of the organization (Recouping the larger operational fees of endurance-type events) while others disagree. So before utilizing this feature take the time for reflection. A recommitment component is a powerful strategy, but not one to be applied liberally.

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