Recurring Donations: Revenue and Retainment

If our client’s aren’t exceeding fundraising goals, we aren’t doing our job. Time and time again, we talk to prospective clients whose software has inhibited their growth in one way or another and it pains us. RallyBound pushes itself to significantly improve features and flows day in and day out. You deserve that and as it should be, your success is tied to ours.

Today, loyalty is dwindling amongst donors. A donor today does not guarantee a donor tomorrow. The refrain is how to retain, sustain and entertain without significant staff strain. Answer: Recurring Donations. RallyBound provides this capability.

Why is this so compelling?

Low upfront cost to donors and long term value to organizations. When the donation is taking in bits, it isn’t as alarming and quickly a $25 one-time donation becomes a $10/monthly donation or $120 over a year. Compiled across countless supporters, the financial impact begins to pile up.

Let’s Do This!

With a simple click in the admin this option will be displayed on your donation page and your loyalty rates will grow by the minute. Remember: Strategies like this need to be fully-vetted for financial impact and the processing details involved, but when you are ready to discuss implementation, you know where to find us.




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