Refine Responsibilities and Focus with Automation

Scientifically speaking, humans are unable to multitask at a high level. In fact, we actually don’t act simultaneously, rather transition between tasks at impressive rates. Yet, this is often a requisite skill for many non-profit administrators. It is these Reasonings that make automation an incredible asset to peer-to-peer fundraising.

Why? It provides the ability to limit resources to unnecessary and time consuming tasks, which can hamper administrators from performing other vital responsibilities to successfully launch initiatives. What’s more, those eliminations tend to enhance a campaign’s success.

So where can you apply automation within RallyBound?


The first iteration of automation on RallyBound has been applied to emails. A sophisticated layer added atop your templates that instructs the system to send out precise communication at designated times or upon actions/inactions taken by a fundraiser.

Lets break this down further with a scenario: Charlie is a new supporter of your cycling event and eager to get started, yet he has a demanding personal life and forgets to personalize his page or send emails to his network. To alleviate the need to monitor each individual, you would assign an automated email to deploy after a defined amount of time. Something like this:

What are a couple additional scenarios that lend beautifully to automation? Take a gander at the links below:

Encourage to register: If a user didn’t register, send email to user 1 day after creating an account.

Encourage to fundraise 1: If a user didn’t modify their fundraising page, and didn’t upload their photo, send email to user 2 days after registering.

Delayed fundraising tips: Send email to user 4 days after registering.

Encourage to socialize: If a user didn’t send email or social, and didn’t connect social account, send email to user 1 week after registering.

Encourage to fundraise 2: If a fundraiser didn’t receive any donations, send email to user 2 weeks after registering.

Tenth donation notification: Send email to user upon receiving tenth donation.

Achievements aka Badges

In an effort to enable the appropriate layering of gamification onto fundraising initiatives, our platform provides the capacity for customized badges for admins to foster deeper interactions.

Badges can be produced based on emails sent; social accounts synced, and set badge classes aligned with actions taken. Say, for instance, a fundraiser sends 30 emails versus another who sends 50. One supporter would be at the silver level while the other situated at gold or platinum. All of which is at your discretion. Can you feel the power?!

There’s more to come…

The view on automation at RallyBound is that it should enhance an admin’s abilities and as we evolve, the fundraisers abilities to effectively raise awareness for the cause at hand. Look back for updates and for the self-service interface of both our badging and email triggers. Until then, please contact us to activate these parameters.

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