Platform updates: Editing pages; registration notifications; returning fundraisers

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. This week, we made some minor changes to our platform based on customer feedback and inline with our product roadmap. These include changing our campaign page editing hover-bar as well as an improvement to our Activity Stream for nonprofit administrators. We also released some updates earlier this month to help provide a better experience to returning fundraisers.

Editing campaign pages

In the past, when an admin wanted to make graphical or text changes to campaign pages, we would overlay two editing buttons in the top righthand corner of the page. However, some users found that these hovering buttons interfered with their ability to interact with the page, so we have now changed the editing interface to remove the hovering buttons and now provide an editing bar that stays above the page (and stays visible as a user scrolls) that looks like this:

Activity Stream registration notifications

Also this week, we’ve upgraded our Activity Stream feature for administrators to provide more detail about campaign participants. Now, the Activity Stream will notify admins every time a person registers to either fundraise – and/or for physical events – attend. The new notifications look like this:

Returning fundraisers

Earlier this month we released updates for nonprofits that are relaunching their annual campaigns on Rallybound. These improvements will also benefit nonprofits that are launching brand new fundraising campaigns (say a new DIY campaign) and want to leverage their existing fundraisers already on the Rallybound platform to easily sign up for the new campaign.

With this earlier update, once a fundraiser is logged into a nonprofit’s Rallybound site – but is not yet associated with a relaunched or new campaign – he or she is now directed to a new landing page when attempting to log into the new campaign. This landing page informs the user that they are not registered/associated with the new campaign and asks them if they would like to sign up for it. The page also includes links to the user’s organization-wide profile and lists, and provides links to the campaigns they are already a participant of. Here’s what that page looks like:

If you have any questions about any of these updates, please email our support team.



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