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Many nonprofits struggle with using technology efficiently. Whether it’s software for operations, financials, etc., the lack of resources has proven a substantial hurdle to operating at the highest level. The process is challenging. Lackluster databases, faulty synchronization, slow donation processing and a less than optimized way to track donor data and keep in touch on a regular basis, hamper so many worthy causes.

To this end, we recently launched our Salesforce app in the App Exchange to help seamlessly transfer RallyBound campaign and event data into Salesforce CRMs. We are committed to creating the best peer-to-peer fundraising software available. Because we are strictly focused on our product, we look to partner and integrate with best in class services to help our clients manage and run successful fundraising campaigns.

Constituent data (contact information of supporters) is some of the most precious data to operating a sustainable nonprofit: your advocates, your fundraisers and your donors, etc. Peer-to-peer fundraising is built on leveraging current constituents to expand your reach to new supporters, increase brand awareness and grow funds received through donations. Knowing and managing constituent information can be one of the most difficult tasks even for well organized system administrators. The RallyBound Salesforce app allows users to connect our database with Salesforce so that all event or campaign information is captured and synced into your existing CRM. Our integration is optimized for the Nonprofit Starter Pack and is free to use for RallyBound customers.  


The integration flow is outlined below:

1. Fundraiser registration creates / updates a contact record

2. A new (general) donation creates / updates a contact and an opportunity records in addition to a contact role

3. A new member or team donation creates / updates a contact record for the member, fundraiser or team captain, creates donation (opportunity) record which is also optionally soft-credited to the fundraiser

4. Anything created gets bundled into a Campaign. Administrators can view overall statistics at the Campaign level

The goal of this integration is to alleviate some of the common concerns and pitfalls that come from using multiple systems or software. Our Salesforce app ensures that all your RallyBound data is synced to your Salesforce CRM.

You can find more information on the RallyBound app in the Salesforce App Exchange HERE.




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