Salesforce App Webinar with Cloud4Good

We have discussed our various integrations on our blog in the past. From analytics to payment processing to automating tasks, we love being able to plug in third-party tools to help our nonprofits run more effective fundraising campaigns.  The integration that has received the most buzz has definitely been our Salesforce app. Our app allows organziations with Salesforce to seamlessly manage all RallyBound campaign data in their CRMs. We have written about our Salesforce application before but it’s really amazing to hear all the feedback from users of the app as well as those interested in using it.

Our Salesforce app was recently featured in an ebook published by Cloud4Good. They took a close look at the app and compared it against other peer-to-peer fundraising Salesforce integrations. You can access their ebook here.



We are really excited to announce that we will be hosting a webinar with Cloud4Good to discuss our Salesforce app on January 29th at 11:00am PDT. You can register for the free webinar here. We look forward to sharing our integration with those interested in managing fundraising data more effectively.




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