New Salesforce sync options including duplicates and NPSP recurring donations

With a new update to our Fundraising app for Salesforce, Rallybound now offers a number of new options for nonprofit Salesforce administrators, including: enhanced duplicate management, recurring donations, organization accounts, options for managing event attendees and enhancements to our custom mapping engine.


Example of duplicates management in Salesforce.

While Rallybound’s Salesforce integration has long offered ways to combat duplicate records, our latest update adds the option to resolve duplicates using the duplicate management settings native to Salesforce. Duplicate Management in Salesforce is a powerful tool that allows Salesforce admins to set robust and custom criteria, based on various fields and factors, to determine if contacts should be considered duplicates.

NPSP Recurring Donations

Recurring donations in Salesforce.

Rallybound customers that use Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) can now set up and sync recurring donations by creating a recurring donation object, to which campaigns can be assigned (and edited). The recurring donation object will also be created in Salesforce NPSP, and can include a number of fields, schedule type, amount, open-ended or fixed length recurring donations, and custom fields.

Household/Organization Accounts

Rallybound customers that create a Contact with a Company Name can have our Salesforce app automatically create a Household Account for that Contact and an Organization Account for that company with an affiliation between the Contact and the Organization Account. Event attendees who are registered and managed by a primary registrant can be synced to the same Household Account as the primary registrant.

Custom Mapping Engine Enhancements

New improvements to our custom mapping engine that syncs Rallybound fundraising data with Salesforce now allows nonprofits to set mapping based on the record type (Donation or Registration Fee, for example), as well as to check whether the record already exists in Salesforce.



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