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This past weekend I traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a friend’s wedding. It was a beautiful place with great food and a cool vibe. There is some incredible history and architecture in this relatively small town. While walking around with my wife, we stumbled upon an amazing church.


The original church on the site was constructed in 1680 but was subsequently destroyed in a revolt. Today, in its place, stands Saint Francis Cathedral. It includes all the typical features of Neo-Romanesque style: huge round archways, columns, steeples and a large rose window.


While I was enjoying the cathedral’s architectural splendor, I noticed a sign at the exit asking visitors for a donation. The sign identified ways to give to the church, and even had a QR code visitors could scan, for what I assumed was a donation page. Upon scanning the code, I was directed to the below page on my phone.


What a missed opportunity! They had me: captive, awe inspired and wanting to give. If I had any cash I would have dropped it in the offering box. Instead they lost out on my donation because at that moment I didn’t have the time to read more information or register an account. (Upon further examination I do see the ‘Quick Give’ – but who knows where that goes!!) The moral of the story… when going through all the trouble to use a QR Code, PLEASE make it easy to donate. Not to toot our own horn, but here at RallyBound, the donation page would have looked more like this:


Now, Saint Francis Cathedral did not completely lose out on my donation, because after writing this post I am going to take the time to give online. The point is, once you have an individual that wants to donate YOU, as the organization, have an obligation to make it as easy as possible for people to give you their money. If the strategy was taken two steps further, I bet they would see a significant increase in visitor mobile donations using that QR code.






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