Self-service Ticketing Pages

*Please note, this product is currently in Private Beta.

Speed is vital to fundraising. Impact anytime, anywhere. This is the motto. This is the objective.

For many organizations, friction has historically inhibited launching new events, donation or ticketing pages. This reality caused opportunities to be passed up simply because they couldn’t react. RallyBound was built to ease this by providing a fluid process to adjusting and acting upon any fundraising occasion.

In staying true to this, we recently deployed Self-Service Donation Pages ensuring that those who support you, will never have to work or wait to donate. Now, in follow up, RallyBound is presenting Self-Service Ticketing Pages.

Available in your Global Admin, simply click the “+” sign and funnel through the prompts.


To style and personalize your ticketing page: First head into the Admin Panel and select “Ticket Builder”.  This interface allows you to set any custom text descriptions, expiration dates, quantities, etc.


Upon completing these actions, transition back to the previous admin screen and select “Website”. Activate “Enable Editing” to position modules, images, etc to your liking.


Once you’ve set your page to effectively display your event, hit “Done” and promote.

The advent of this feature is a response to the growing range of use-cases clients utilize RallyBound for: raffle tickets, sponsorships, meals, bike transportation, to name a few.

We welcome this and strive to provide a simple, effective, and powerful option to leverage situations that arise at any time. No more waiting. Impact is at your finger tips, at unprecedented quality.




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