Six Ways Fundraising is Like Going to the Gym


“Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.” ― Hunter S. Thompson

Fundraising is hard. So it staying physically fit. It takes work and dedication. You have to put in the time to get great results. Here are five similarities between the gym and a fundraising regiment. 

Analyzing progress is a must

KPI’s. KPI’s. KPI’s. Without evaluation it is hard to determine your degree of success in the gym. This is the same with fundraising. Don’t be afraid to set objectives and evaluate. Sometimes you win, sometimes you adjust, but being out there is just as important.

Goal setting is key

Similar to the point above, if you have no objective you can’t construct a plan of success. Are you looking to bulk up or lose weight? Is your fundraising about awareness and funds are a byproduct or is it solely about increasing capital? Either way, it gives you a plan of attack and aspiration.

Proper form counts

No matter if it’s squats or designing an email campaign, without knowing how to properly to do so opens you up to injury. The injuries may be different but equally as impactful. Spend the time,  Get it right and win the day.

Motivation is necessary

One trip to the gym doesn’t cut it, doesn’t remove weight from the waist line and one call or one campaign doesn’t make a fundraising expert. You have to wake up every day ready to push, ready to move beyond yesterday in a positive direction, especially when you’re feeling a bit sluggish. Hard work outweighs skill every time.

Rest and Relaxation is just as important as the effort

In exercise it’s called fatigue; Donor or Personnel Fatigue within development. Be strategic enough to know that sometimes you need to let the mind and body rest for high-level success.




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