Creating lifelong donors

While fundraisers drive a campaign, making the donation process as intuitive and quick as possible can be the difference between a good and a great outcome for a nonprofit's mission. That's why nonprofits choose Rallybound to power all of the places supporters make donations.

Fast & secure donations

Donors rightfully expect their online donation experience to be as frictionless as possible, inline with how easy it make a purchase on the most popular ecommerce sites. Our extensively tested and used platform removes all the barriers to submitting a donation through responsive design, pre-filled forms, and more, all in a PCI Level 1 secure payment environment.

Donor accounts

Users who donate or have donated through a Rallybound site are able to create an account with which they can view transaction history and manage recurring donation plans in their user profile section. Donor accounts - along with post-donation prompts and autoresponder emails - increases the likelihood that donors become fundraisers themselves.

Recurring donations

Regular giving is one of the most important ways for nonprofits to engage with their donors over time. Rallybound offers a robust and flexible recurring donations system that allows donors to easily choose a monthly, quarterly or annually recurring donation plan.

Compliant receipting

Receipts for donations are customizable by the organization, and can be sent within the body of an autoresponder email and/or as a PDF attachment. This joint solution offers compliance for all North American nonprofits.