Fundraisers First

Nonprofits everywhere use Fundraiser Station to attract, enable and retain successful peer to peer fundraisers to support their missions. Individual and team fundraisers are the heart and soul of fundraising, and it’s essential to give them an online experience that they can not only access anywhere, but also enjoy using.

Fundraiser Station consists of our Fundraiser Dashboard, Fundraiser Feed, Team Pages, Champion Campaigns and our Mobile Apps.


The Fundraiser Dashboard is where fundraisers set up, modify and track their personal fundraising campaigns. Fundraisers can make changes to their fundraising page and profile from the Dashboard, import their contact books, and send out emails to their peers to request donations. Goals can be set and updated and helpful stats on their campaigns can all be easily found in the Dashboard.


Fundraising Feed

Once a fundraising page is set up, it is imperitive for fundraisers to keep their peers and donors up to date on their progress - this is where the Fundraiser Feed comes in. The Feed displays text, image, video and even LIVE video posted by the participant. With an attractive, mobile responsive design, the Feed lets personal fundraising pages come to life!

Fundraiser Feed

Champion Campaigns

With Champion Campaigns, fundraisers can create full-fledged campaigns to accept donations, promote and sell tickets to an event, and even invite friends and family to fundraise around that event. This encourages Champions to bring in their acquaintances, who in turn include their own personal network, resulting in exponential growth.

Champion Campaigns
Rallybound Team Pages

Team Pages

Some of the greatest fundraising success stories come from nonprofits that promote and support a healthy team fundraising culture. Teams are a core focus of the Rallybound platform, providing extensive tools that nonprofit staff and team captains can use to attract, encourage and retain team members year after year.

MMRF Mobile App
CFF Mobile App

Branded Mobile Apps

Fundraisers are always on the go, which is why Rallybound's Branded Mobile Apps are a popular option with many organizations. With a branded iOS or Android app on their phones, fundraisers have a completely mobile native version of Fundraiser Dashboard on their phones, which enables them to tap into their phones' functionality, including direct access to mobile contact books and camera functionality to update the Fundraiser Feed!