Mission Control

From single day walk-a-thons to year-round fundraising campaigns, nonprofit staff need powerful, but easy to use, tools to create, manage and report on their fundraising progress. Rallybound's Staff Station provides all of the tools needed for administrators drive success.

WYSIWYG editing

Nonprofit administrators can use Site Builder tools to edit their website’s template, including editing the font, colors, navigation menu, banner media, buttons, and widgets. Site Builder includes a number of powerful editing features including reordering of elements by dragging and dropping, changing colors using a color picker, and easily adding or removing widgets

Rallybound Site Builder
Rallybound Activity Stream

Activity Stream

With Activity Stream, staff at the organizational level can see a variety of actions taken by fundraisers and donors across all of the campaigns that an organization is currently running. Each record in the Activity Stream includes a timestamp and links directly to each individual record as well as the specific campaign and personal fundraising page and/or team fundraising page.

Easily organize multiple events

Nonprofits can easily add any number of campaigns into Groups and then set specific permissions and other settings to those Groups of campaigns. This feature is especially useful for geographicly disperse organizations, including chapter-based nonprofits. Only staff with the correct permissions can access a corresponding Group of campaigns, ensuring security.

Rallybound Campaign Groups
Rallybound Admin Settings

Admin Panel

Each fundraising campaign can be managed in detail through Rallybound's Admin Panel. Admin Panel lets staff configure dozens of settings to optimize a campaign's success, all of which can then be easily replicated across event locations and year after year. Staff can make the most basic to the most advanced changes, including setting up registration fields, donation forms, ticketing and discount codes.

Organizational Reporting

Successful fundraising campaigns are only as good as the ability to track and analyze results. Rallybound's extensive reporting features provide staff with powerful, database-driven standard reports that have been built to meet the stringent needs of our nonprofit partners. Additionally, we can provide clients with customized reports that precisely fit their organizational needs.