Some Optimism for Post-Recession Fundraising

The fear of many within the nonprofit and fundraising space is that the opportunities or inflow pre-recession greatly surpassed post-recession. It is a concern of ours and drives our interest in developing frictionless products that allows donors to engage and contribute swiftly to campaigns.

As we have done for many weeks, our team dug into the 2015 Peer-to-Peer Forum data that was provided to unearth encouraging aspects to push our industry forward.

The Great Recession gripped all of us. We all had to adjust. To be frank, many of the staff here at RallyBound was still in college or about to enter the workforce full-time. It was a chilling time. Charitable giving took a significant hit, but according to our analysis has now come back.

For evaluation purposes, we only looked at organizations that provided information since the inception of the Peer-to-Peer Forum in 2006 and up to the current year of 2014. There were 25 organizations that did so.

The Numbers:

*Please note that the recession is defined as 2008-2009 for these purposes.

In the two years pre-recession defined as 2006-2007, these organizations raised an average of $1.452 billion.

Then defining post recession as 2010-2014, these same organizations raised an average of $1.505 billion or an average of $1.456 billion in just 2013-2014 alone.

What’s more is that 17 of the 25 organizations earned more post-recession than pre-recession.

While a variety of factors can contribute to these realities, the numbers provide a rosier view of an industry in what was considered a down year. This reaffirms that analysis at a granular level is essential to a full-picture of the fundraising industry. It continues to transform day-by-day and is presenting increasing opportunities for organizations primed to innovate.

Economic indicators do show that we can expect a downturn in the next couple years, so investing in any shifts to fundraising processes and crafting a fortress so to speak around your financials should be completed now.

Let’s all capitalize on the upside! Our beneficiaries depend on it.




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