Bike 4 Chai: Building great teams

In 2016, Chai Lifeline’s largest single fundraising event, Bike4Chai, used Rallybound’s platform for the first time.

One of the defining aspects of Bike4Chai is the fundraising teams that take part in the cycling event. Bike4Chai’s top 5 teams accounted for about $2.5 million of the $6.7 million in funds raised by the event in 2016. By 2019, the top 5 teams had grown to account for over $5.1 million of the over $10 million event!

“The ultimate success of the campaign comes from the interaction we have with the riders,” says Yoel Margolese of Bike4Chai. “The functionality of the Rallybound platform gives us more time to build relationships with our riders,” says Margolese.

When Bike4Chai switched to Rallybound before its 2016 event, one requirement was to show, on the website, amounts that individual fundraisers had raised in previous years. This data was stored on a third-party customer relationship management (CRM) system that Rallybound had to build a custom integration for. This type of integration was likely a first for a nonprofit.

Bike4Chai uses the integration to motivate fundraisers to surpass their previous efforts. The integration also allows donors to search for specific fundraisers by the year they started riding, going back 10 years:

In 2019, Bike4Chai had 155 supporters that raised at least $10,000!

“The team captain receives an email every time there is a donation, so they can then disseminate to and motivate the rest of their team… one team went from around $150,000 the year before Rallybound to about $450,000 with Rallybound, with the same exact people,” said Margolese.