Summer is Here: Time to Assess Your Fundraising Software

With the 4th of July hours away, summer has truly arrived. In conjunction, fundraising slows up a bit; staff disappears on vacations and along with so many of the other perks of NPO employment, summer hours set in.

In an effort to provide a little bit of guidance on how to use this time to prep for fall fundraisers, we give you: The Five Things You Need to Succeed (in Fundraising).

1. Integrations

Centralizing your technology is key to making timely strategic decisions. If your database doesn’t speak with your fundraising platform, if your email marketing can’t converse with your ecommerce site, you need to amend this. The time to automate is now. Don’t do more than you have to!

2. Mobile Optimized Sites

30% of all emails are opened on mobile phones. Emails produce more donations than any other strategy. Inhibiting an action (i.e. a donation) from occurring right then and there, is keeping money out of your pocket. Remember, every CENT counts!

3. Superior UX –aka- Donor Centric Pages

Beyond mobile is the need for your software to be easily navigated by the most novice of users. Remember: all demographics use computers, the more agnostic the usability the better.

4. Customized Reports

The ability to utilize reports specific to your internal initiatives is key. Customized reports let’s your data become actionable.

5. Digital Friendly Initiatives

Reinventing the wheel isn’t necessary, if you have venerable events, but one or two digital initiatives allows you to open up to new audiences. Technology has flattened the world and reduced the time between connections. Harness these developments for good. Your mission deserves it!




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