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Cycling event Bike4Chai 2017 rides to the finish line in record breaking style

In its eighth year, the recently completed Bike4Chai cycling event had its best year yet, raising over $8.44 million for Chai Lifeline, which supports children, including at the ride’s annual destination, Camp Simcha in upstate New York. The ride, which is limited to around 500 participants, saw an increase of over $1.4 million from 2016.…

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Infographic: Largest cycling events for charity in 2016

Every year there are numerous cycling events, whether races or rides, for charity throughout the USA. In 2016, the top 8 peer-to-peer cycling events in the US raised over $128 million combined for charitable causes. We’ve rounded up those 8 single events into one fun infographic for you to download and share with your coworkers and…

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Why Nonprofits Should Help Their Fitness Participants Train

By helping participants to physically train for a fundraising event – whether a walk-a-thon, marathon, cycling ride or other fitness event – you can increase participation rates, while raising more for your cause. While there is no requirement for nonprofits to assist their fundraisers with training, it can provide a variety of additional benefits. Some…

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