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Activity Stream brings unparalleled insight into nonprofit fundraising campaigns

“What happened today with our campaigns?” and “How can I quickly edit a recent record?” are questions that all nonprofit fundraising professionals ask on a daily basis. With many fundraising solutions, finding the answer to these questions can be a time consuming and arduous process of delving into databases. At Rallybound, we’ve been working hard…

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Fundraising Data Migration for Nonprofits – The “Joy” of Moving

Last week, I was joined by Mark Becker from Cathexis to discuss the very serious topic of data migration. Now, there might be some of you out there who find this topic fascinating (I see it as a necessary evil, sort of like packing boxes and cleaning closets). Yet, so many of our customers are fearful…

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Email Stats Now Visible in Admin

Data. The word on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Its prevalence has given rise to many astute and impactful insights spanning various fields particularly within the non-profit and medical arenas. Moreover it is odd to even imagine a marketplace where data was suppressed and decisions were carried out in a seemingly blind manner. So that…

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How Salesforce and Rallybound Strengthen Long-term Growth

Donor and supporter data is the most valuable information a nonprofit organization owns. It is the lifeline to revenue, brand, programs and awareness. Gathering, managing and leveraging that data helps to expand your programs and cause. That’s why it is critical to have a system that keeps that information at your fingertips. Salesforce is one…

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Admin Upgrade Live

Today we are announcing the beta release of our Admin upgrade. The backend ( aka “admin”) contains information at the event or campaign level. Accessing information across various campaigns, historically, was achieved through reports or in a single view of All Campaigns. With this release, organizations are now presented with a global view of data…

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Decoding Your Data for Impact

“Data. Data. Data.“ is a common refrain that confuses more than it defines. But despite the confusion, it is vital to success and most nonprofits are not entirely sure where to begin. Fortunately, there are organizations like Plenty that help nonprofits dig out meaning from mounds of fundraising data that creates insights to analyze. In conjunction…

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