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Aligning Digital and Analog for Fundraising Engagement

Technology is wonderfully transformative. It transports us great distances in seconds, makes education available at any time and compels us to expand ourselves and minds. But from a post to a tweet, interaction can come without ever meeting face-to-face. It is something that we tend to overlook, particularly in peer-to-peer fundraising, and shouldn’t take for…

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Six Ways Fundraising is Like Going to the Gym

“Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.” ― Hunter S. Thompson Fundraising is hard. So it staying physically fit. It takes work and dedication. You have to put in the time to get great results. Here are five similarities between the gym and a fundraising regiment.  Analyzing progress is a must KPI’s. KPI’s. KPI’s. Without…

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4 Ways to Enhance your 2015 Fundraising!

Last month, RallyBound had the pleasure of co-hosting a webinar with our partner, Charity Dynamics. The webinar took place in conjunction with the publication of Charity Dynamics: The Next 10 Years In Digital Fundraising report. The infographic below illustrates a few of the trends surveyed. Within the discussion both organizations addressed where the winds of…

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Orlando, Here We Come!

Next week peer-to-peer fundraising practitioners from around the country will converge on Orlando for the 2015 P2P Forum. RallyBound is excited to join in on the action. It is an exciting event in an ever-evolving marketplace. It is forums like these that provide knowledge from various sources and perspectives. We learn just as much from…

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The Next 10 Years in Digital Fundraising

In celebration of 10 distinguished years of service, Charity Dynamics conducted a survey on “The Next 10 Years in Digital Fundraising”. To highlight a few of these key findings, RallyBound crafted this infographic, to be delivered to registrants of our upcoming, co-sponsored webinar. While the survey illuminated a variety of perspectives from around the nonprofit…

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