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P2P, DIY, IFE – OMG!? Making Sense of Fundraising Acronyms

The nonprofit world, just like any other sector, has its own set of jargon and acronyms and even some long-time nonprofit professionals are unclear of what some of them exactly mean. Throw these in with the nonprofit organization’s internal acronyms and we end up in quite the puzzle. We made a list of commonly used…

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How to expand into DIY fundraising

Nontraditional, creative peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, such as do-it-yourself (DIY) fundraising, can be an effective way to supplement traditional peer-to-peer events — such as runs, walks , and rides — especially during the months between events. DIY fundraising campaigns allow participants, who are typically a nonprofit’s strongest supporters, to create their own campaigns on behalf of the…

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Some DIY Fundraising Examples to Get You Started

Do-It-Yourself Fundraising is all the rage right now and with good reason. There are numerous advantages to organizations who implement it such as: 1. Low barrier to entry 2. Registration aids in market research 3. Revenue diversification 4. Non-core donor/advocacy interest 5. Enlarged awareness net 6. Management ease provides huge potential for smaller organizations But…

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Is DIY Fundraising right for you?

Whether you prefer to dub it DIY (Do-It Yourself) Fundraising, IFP (Independent Fundraising Program) or 3rd-Party Fundraising, the power and temptation of alternatively hosted events/campaigns is palpable. During the P2P Forum this year, the topic permeated a variety of conference halls, bar rooms and hallway powwows. While many examples of success exist, many conversations circle…

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From Orlando with Insight: #P2P15 Takeaways

“This is the time [to invest]…” says Jeff Shuck of Plenty Consulting. From every guidance we’ve read, we wholeheartedly support this statement. For peer-to-peer practitioners who gathered in Orlando last week, the highlight most certainly was the collaborative insight provided. From organizations of varying scales to vendors working in similar industries, the familial sense you…

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